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FYBA Prides As Jordan Jose Mejica Bartlett Shines

  Jordan Jose Mejica Bartlett grows up playing basketball with our community. He has played in different age divisions.   We are happy to see our kids, like Jordan, shine in the field of sports as FYBA commits relentlessly to develop … [Read More...]

FYBA Launches Fall / Winter League – 2016

  Registration for the 2016 Youth Fall/Winter League has begun.   The league starts on September 18, 2016.   The venue is The Hayfield Secondary School at 7630 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22315.   Games will be played on … [Read More...]

Quentin Millora-Brown Receives Offers To Play College Division 1

    We at FYBA are thrilled with the news of Quentin Millora-Brown being offered not one, but two Division 1 college basketball scholarships by Rice University and Mount Saint Mary's.   Also, he has received interest from … [Read More...]

Queens – Long Island Warriors Hosts NABA 2016 Tournament

  Queens-Long Island Warriors is hosting the 2016 NABA Inter-City Basketball Tournament on Labor Day weekend, September 2, 3 & 4.   Twenty Four (24) Cities are participating with roughly 1,300 players expected joining.   In NABA's … [Read More...]

FYBA President’s Message 2016

  Let us start the New Year by sharing everyone some pictures of our Kicks for Kids program event that took place in Barangay Metolza (Mangyan Village) in the Province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. We brought happiness to a lot of kids … [Read More...]

Community Programs

Oxon Hill/Fort Washington Residents Appreciate FYBA

    As FYBA opened up the doors to the Oxon Hill high school gym, several residents  from the area were already eager to see what’s in store for their kids.   This is what they … [Read More...]

Community Outreach Program

FYBA works with other organizations in the community. Here's a partial list of the organizations that FYBA has relations with: APODCAA La Salle Philippines Alumni Association ANCOP … [Read More...]

Youth Development Committee Program

Youth Mentoring Program is a new program where the older FYBA youth will mentor the younger FYBA kids by training them with various skills. If you are interested in this program, you can contact the … [Read More...]

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