Awarding Ceremonies during the NABA 2012 Inter-City Basketball Tournament, Washington DC


  1. To the NABA (FYBA) 2012 organizers,
    Congratulations for a successful event. Big events like this are not easy to handle but it was handled with good taste. Except for some flaws that I witnessed below.
    This type of event should be one of the tools to gather and unite fellow Filipinos from all over America and other places in the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship.
    i would like to bring up the following scenarios which I think were not proper:
    1. Spectators should only act or cheer in a nice way. They should not say or comment something that will affect the smooth flow of the games which sometimes will heat up players and will end up in a fight.
    I’m sure you’ve received complaints about those teams hopefully this will be resolved.
    2. Advise the officials to be fair at all times. I’ve watched few games and some officials were so obvious with their faulty and unnecessary calls.
    3. Before the awarding ceremonies…People in the stage area were so rude that when the other teams came to take pictures behind the trophy’s were so furious and would not allow the team from Toronto to take pictures while before them the Washington DC teams have taken their pictures. My point here is this, is that how you treat visiting teams? They even answered, “you’re not allowed” and “don’t touch the trophies” and ” bilis-bilisan ninyo”. When I heard this I felt so bad for the Toronto team, as if they don’t know what their doing. I felt bad also for those fellow pinoys, dala-dala pa rin ang ugali na kanya-kanya, no wonder Philippines did not improved because of these bad attitudes and practices. We were known to be hospitable..isn’t it?
    Just want to be of help that’s why I shared this comments, so that in your next events these type of scenarios will be prevented. Anyways, every event should be evaluated for improvements.
    All the best to NABA.

    God bless you all!