Oxon Hill/Fort Washington Residents Appreciate FYBA



As FYBA opened up the doors to the Oxon Hill high school gym, several residents  from the area were already eager to see what’s in store for their kids.
This is what they saw, kids as young as 3 years old being trained by volunteers from the Filipino community.
Together with his youngest kid, Russell Casapao, FYBA president and also father of five young boys are training these little kids to ‘hoop it up’ in these mini courts.
What these kids learnt is the fundamentals of basketball – some dribbling, a little bit of passing, and how to shoot the ball.
At the same time, these kids are having fun as they play with other Filipino-Americans, giving them and their parents a sense of community, and something to be busy with on a Sunday afternoon.
On the other two courts are more advanced ballers, older girls and boys, a bit ahead in their skills level, practicing for the largest upcoming Inter-City Basketball Tournament, NABA, which will be held in the DC area on August 31 to September 2 of this year.
As the organizers of this event closed the doors of the gym at 6 pm, the residents are asking when FYBA’s going to be back in their community.